Right Hand of God

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1 The Right Hand Of God I Listen
2 The Right Hand Of God II Listen
3 The Right Hand Of God III Listen
4 The Violent Take It By Force? Listen
5 Mystery Of Melchizedek Listen
6 I Go To The Father Listen
7 The Provocation Listen
8 The Provocation II Listen
9 A Place Prepared of the Father Listen
10 The Door Listen
11 Mysteries Of John VI Listen
12 From Shiloh To Zion Listen
13 The Continuing City Listen
14 The Book Of Colossians Listen
15 Accepted In The Beloved Listen
16 From Crucifixion To Resurrection Listen
17 From Crucifixion To Resurrection II Listen
18 From Crucifixion ToResurrection III Listen
19 Jesus Our Mediator I Listen
20 Jesus Our Mediator II Listen
21 The Roles Of The Father, Son, And Holy Spirit Listen
22 The Fountain Of Life I Listen
23 The Fountain Of Life II Listen
24 The Doorway Of The Kingdom Listen
25 Journey Through The Upper Rooms Listen
26 The Promised Rest Listen
27 Journey Into the Third Heaven Listen
28 The Rest and the Rich Young Ruler Listen
29 The Angelic Domain Listen
30 The Great Rewarder Listen
31 The Perfection Listen
32 Romans V & VI Listen
33 The Bride Listen
34 The Secret of Solomon Listen
35 Worship in Spirit and in Truth Listen
36 Order of Melchizedek Listen
37 The Resurrection Listen
38 From Nazareth to Capernaum Listen
39 First Sermon of the Early Church Listen
40 Dominion Restored Listen
41 Taking Down Goliath Listen
42 Seeking the Bride Listen
43 The Final Seat Listen
44 The Heavenly Domain Listen

The Role of the Holy Spirit

Download zip teaching: 1-7
1 The Fullness & The Holy Spirit Listen
2 The Ministry of the Holy Spirit I Listen
3 The Ministry of the Holy Spirit II Listen
4 The Ministry of the Holy Spirit III Listen
5 The Ministry of the Holy Spirit IV Listen
6 Holy Spirit - The Earnest of Our Inheritance Listen
7 SP A Special Prayer Listen
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