Right Hand of God – Special Prayers

SP-Right Hand – Prototype Prayer *New* Listen Now
SP-Entering the Temple Within Listen
SP-Prayer The Jordan Baptism Listen Now
SP-The Dynamics of Dismantling Listen Now
SP-Prayer-Receiving from the Tree of Life
Listen Now
SP-Accessing the Tree of Life Listen Now
SP-Dwelling in the Father That Is to Come Listen Now
SP-The Jordan Door Listen Now
SP-The Crown Listen Now
SP-The Final Crown Listen Now
SP-The Crown of Wisdom Listen Now
SP-The Breeding Ground of Faith Listen Now
SP-Prayer-Transition Into Joint Heirship Listen Now
SP-Prayer-Transition into Joint Heirship II Listen Now
SP-Perambulation in the Father of Lights Listen Now
The Last Day Joint Heirs Listen Now
SP-Prayer-Mystery of The Manifest Glory Listen Now
SP-Prayer-The Jericho Plumb-Line Listen Now
SP-Prayer-Generational Inheritance Listen Now

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